Club’s Rules

The Wine Club’s Rules

– The Wine Club takes place most of the time on a Saturday evening in Amsterdam Oost, from 17h30 to 19h30 and on a Thursday evening in Rotterdam Wijnhaven area, from 20h00 to 22h00.

– No yearly fee is requested, you pay when you attend. Booking is confirmed once payment has been received.

– Payment has to been done in advance on IBAN :
zo Wijn zo Chic
NL18 (will be communicated to members only)

– The price of each event will vary accordingly to the wine region we taste.

– You can cancel your attendance up to 48 hours before the event starts and get totally refunded. After that, no refund is possible (unless we have to cancel).

– In case you cancel your attendance less to 48 hours prior to the event without having paid, your payment is still due and will be requested – this to make it fair for the members who have paid on time. If you refuse to pay, you won’t be part of the group anymore and won’t be invited to any other events.

– The minimum number of attendees to the Wine Club events is 6 persons in Amsterdam and 8 persons in Rotterdam. The minimum number of attendees should be reached 7 days before the event starts, otherwise the event will be cancelled…

– We will try as much as possible to offer wines from our own zo Wijn zo Chic import. However for some events we will have to source our wines from other imports in the Netherlands or in France. We will inform you accordingly.

– Once you become a member, events are either communicated via our private Facebook or Whatsapp groups. If you don’t have any account on Facebook or Whatsapp, you will find the information on this website.

– The language of the event is English, so please make sure you speak English only in order to have everybody taking part of the conversation and feeling integrated.

– You may bring a friend once in a while or invite new people to join the Wine Club. Always let me know in advance of course!

Pre-tasting advice

* You should eat before attending an event, however not too much and not too spicy.

* Please avoid wearing perfume in order to have your nose and the ones of your neighbours in the best conditions as possible.

* Do not brush your teeth just before coming to the event (remember orange juice and tandpasta?).