Wine Tasting in the Dark, a Unique Sensory Experience


AMSTERDAM – 16/02/2019 – 18h30

Your sight is the first sense you use to assess a wine. From your sight you know the wine’s color, and for the persons with a few skills, you get already indications or assumptions about the wine’s style.

But how your other senses are going to be affected deprived of your sight? Will you be able to determine the wine’s color? Are your smell and taste senses sharp enough to guess what type of wine you are tasting?

Well, let’s figure this out together !


During this event you will :

– taste 4 wines in the dark by wearing a sleeping mask (and of course I will assist you during the tasting)
– rely mainly on your smell and taste senses and you can except some changes during the experience
– learn to assess wine in a different manner than what we do usually
– challenge yourself and attend a unique sensory experience



price/person: 27,50€
min. attendees: 6
max. attendees: 11

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