Wine Club

The Wine Club

Would you like to know more about French wines? To better speak about wine, to identify aromas and flavours? To be knowledgeable about vineyards, grape varieties, terroirs and appellations?
Join our Wine Club and discover the secrets of French wine!

The Wine Club takes place once a month in 2 different locations :

  • on Saturday afternoon in Amsterdam Oost from 17h00 to 19h00
  • on Thursday evening in Rotterdam, Wijnhaven area from 20h00 to 22h00

No yearly fee is required, you pay only when you attend (read here to know learn more about the club’s rules & refund policy).

Each month we address a new topic – often a wine region, sometimes a particular topic such as sparkling wines, for example.

Most often, we taste and assess 5 wines  (when possible all wines come from the zo Wijn zo Chic Import assortment). There is an initial introduction to the topic of the month, then the tasting and assessment of the wines and in closing, we will taste a delicacy or two to pair with the wines – all in a friendly and casual atmosphere.




Agenda Amsterdam

* Wine Tasting in the Dark: a Unique Sensory Experience | Saturday 8th December | 18:30-20:30

details to be found HERE.


Agenda Rotterdam

* North vs South: red wine only | Thursday 13th December | 20:00-22:00
details to be found HERE.


Agenda Leiden

* Wine & Cheese: the ultimate pairing | Thursday 20th December | 20:00-22:00
details to be found HERE.
Would you like to join the club or to receive more info? Feel free to contact us.