Terroir (wine)

Choose a one, three or six-month subscription and receive it each month at your place*!

2 bottles of wine “de terroir”

The “Terroir subscription” contains 2 bottles of wine which both represent the terroir (combination of soil and climate) where the vines have been grown and the wine made. The wines are easy to drink. They will tantalize your taste buds during an aperitif, with a meal or to share with friends! The wines are at least “Sustainable Agriculture” or “Agriculture Biologique” labelled (= organic).

with a regional specialty

Each “Terroir subscription” contains also a delicacy which matches perfectly with one of the wines.

If you don’t eat pork / meat and wish to order it, please contact us before ordering.

and some tasting tips

And thanks to the detailed presentation of the products and the tasting tips, you will be able to better understand and appreciate the wines, as well as the proposed “wine & food” pairing.

If you enjoyed the delicious contents of your “Terroir subscription” and if you would like to have some more, you can of course order them or enquire about the price list by contacting us.

* Please note that there are associated costs related to the delivery of the subscription (more info on the FAQ section). Alternatively you may come to pick up the contents of your subscription by making an appointment or choose to receive your three-month wine subscription at once (6 bottles and 3 delicacies) or your six-month wine subscription over two times (6 or 12 bottles and delicacies spread over 2 quarters).

Please note that there is a one-month lag between the time you make the payment and the time you receive your Wine & Food subscription.
Please see table below for more details.

Subscribe between | Receive around

26/12 – 25/01         ⇒   15/02
26/01 – 25/02         ⇒   15/03
26/02 – 25/03         ⇒   15/04
26-03 – 25/04          ⇒   15/05
26/04 – 25/05         ⇒   15/06
26/05 – 25/06         ⇒   15/07
26/06 – 25/08*       ⇒   15/09
26/08- 25/09          ⇒   15/10
26/09 – 25/10         ⇒   15/11
26/10 – 25/11         ⇒   15/12
26/11 – 25/12         ⇒   15/01

*.please note that there are no delivery in August due to holidays, the delivery is then postponed for one month

Do you have some questions? Please feel free to contact me at anytime.

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