How does the Wine & Food subscription work?

You choose the duration of your subscription, a one month trial, three months or six months and you pay the entire amount at once, at the time of  the order placement.

When is my subscription going to start?

You receive your box around the 15th of each month. Please note that there is a one-month lag between the time you make the payment and the time you receive the content of your subscription. For more details about the deliveries, please see the schedule below:

Order between   |   Received around
26/12 – 25/01        ⇒ 15/02
26/01 – 25/02        ⇒ 15/03
26/02 – 25/03        ⇒ 15/04
26-03/ 25/04          ⇒ 15/05
26/04 – 25/05        ⇒ 15/06
26/05 – 25/06        ⇒ 15/07
26/06 – 25/08*      ⇒ 15/09
26/08- 25/09          ⇒ 15/10
26/09 – 25/10        ⇒ 15/11
26/10 – 25/11        ⇒ 15/12
26/11 – 25/12        ⇒ 15/01



What are the delivery costs?

The delivery costs of each Wine & Food subscription are € 8,77 and are payable at once. This means that if you choose a 6-month subscription, you will pay 6 x € 8,77 at once, when you order and pay for the subscription. This price covers the solid box, the postage cost and the insurance of the goods

Alternatively, you can choose to receive your three-month wine subscription at once (6 bottles and 3 delicacies) or your six-month wine subscription over two times (6 or 12 bottles and delicacies spread over 2 quarters). In that case, the delivery costs are €10,89 / package.

You may also pick up the contents of your Wine & Food subscription by making an appointment. If you wish to do so, please contact us beforehand.

Can I stop my subscription when I want?

No, you cannot stop your subscription when you want. This is also why we have implemented different subscription durations. Any requests for return must be done in writing (email) within 14 days after you order the goods. You will then receive then a confirmation per email from us. The return of the first parcel of the subscription cancels the entire subscription. Returned products and box must not be damaged and products unopened. The return costs are your responsibility. If the products and / or the box are damaged, the price of this  will be deducted from the total amount to be repaid.
If applicable, the refund will be made ​per bank transfer within 10 days.

How will I receive my Wine & Food subscription?

The Wine & Food subscription is delivered through Flespakket.nl and PostNL services. This ensures that your packages are in good hands. The packets are very strong, in case of any damage the content of each package is insured for an amount of €100 and the delivery is made upon signature to your home or the home of a neighbour in case you are away. In addition to this, you will automatically receive a Track & Trace code.

What are the payment methods?

Bank transfer and Ideal arethe only accepted payment methods.

If you wish to use the bank transfer method, our bank details and the payment instructions will be provided once your order has been confirmed.

Please note that we proceed to sending the boxes only if the payment has been received. In all cases, you will receive several emails from us, either to confirm the receipt of payment and later a confirmation that we have sent your order, or to remind you of payment which is not received.

I will be away or on holidays around the 15th, can I ask to postpone my order?

If you cannot receive your order, please inform us per email as soon as possible (on the 5th of the month at the latest). Your subscription will be then posponed for one month. You will always receive a written confirmation (email) from us, acknowledging receipt of your email.

I really enjoyed the wines and delicacies I have tasted, can I order some more?

If you enjoyed the delicious content of your Wine & Food subscription, you can of course order them or enquire about the price list by contacting us.

How can I contact you?

We kindly advise you to contact us in writting via our contact form or at the following email address: contact@zowijnzochic.com. Any request must be made via email. You will always receive a written confirmation (email) from us acknowledging receipt of your email and approving (or not) your request.

You can also contact us by phone 06 24156032 from Wednesday to Sunday from 14:00 to 20:00.