My small business of traditionally-made wines

Traditionally-made Wines & Delicacies


zo Wijn zo Chic imports traditionally-made French wines and delicacies originally made for the French market by small independent producers. Each product we offer for tasting or for sale has been sampled and selected with care.

My business partner, based in France, drives up and down the country to unearth hidden wine and food treasures. It’s my mission to let you discover these treasures.

zo Wijn zo Chic‘s goal is to promote the French terroirs through unique wine tasting experiences. The selected wines and food mostly cannot be found on the Dutch market and represent the best that the French terroirs have to offer.

At zo Wijn zo Chic, everything is 100% French. This includes the charming French accent!

These wine experiences are given in English or French (and coming  soon in Dutch).

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