My philosophy

proef het verschil, proef de Franse authenticiteit

(taste the difference, taste the French authenticity)

Every French person will tell you that the art of “eating and drinking well” is an integral part of our culture!  Thanks to the richness and diversity of our terroirs, the ancestral savoir-faire of the men who work the land, and our “amour de la table” (i.e. we love good food), the French gastronomy has now been added to the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List. I would love to share some of these treasures with you.

“Respect” is the foundation of the zo Wijn zo Chic concept.

⇒ Respect for the producer:  the  selling prices charged by the producers are equivalent to the selling price for private persons, in order to make their work and production sustainable.

⇒ Respect for the environment: all of the products are made in an environmentally friendly way. The imported wines are made through “Agriculture Raisonnée” (= Sustainable Agriculture), “AB” (Agriculture Biologique = Organic Agriculture), or “Demeter”*.

⇒ Respect for the consumer: the winegrowers and farmers are independent. Therefore, they can keep control of their production and yields. They make their products by combining tradition and modernity while retaining their terroir’s uniqueness.

Open your door to zo Wijn zo Chic and discover a small piece of France in the Netherlands!

* The “Demeter” wines are always organic and producers comply with other criteria such as: using biodynamic grape growing, picking grapes by hand, and fining with organic egg whites.

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