Gift Cards

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Do you want to treat someone special?

You can purchase a personalised zo Wijn zo Chic gift card and offer a  Wine Tasting Experience (6 persons minimum). With this gift card, you can also choose to set an amount of money so that the recipient can decide the kind of present (wine tasting, wine bottles…) he or she wants to receive!

How does the gift card work?

  • A unique code will be written down on the gift card.
  • The person who receives it must get in touch with us before ordering any Wine Tasting Experience or bottles of wine, via our contact form.
  • This person will be requested to provide the unique code.
  • If the gift card is related to a Wine Tasting Experience, the gift card has to also be presented on the day of the event.


How can I order a gift card?

  • Contact us and tell us what you would like to purchase as a gift, your first name and the first name of the recipient. You can of course provide us with the family names if you want them to appear on the card.
  • After we agree and your payment is received, a pdf file in high resolution will be sent to you so that you can print the gift card yourself.

If you wish to receive it on nice paper, we can send it to you by post. This will cost you 5€ extra (you will receive it as a pdf file before we print it for final approval).

Examples of what you will receive…

voucher WineTasting zo Wijn zo Chic
voucher Value zo Wijn zo Chic