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Welcome to the website dedicated to French wine in the Netherlands.

French Wine & Fine Food available now in Amsterdam!


zo Wijn zo Chic takes great pride in bringing a little bit of French culture to Amsterdam through traditionally-made wines and delicacies. With the unique wine experiences we offer, we promise to take you on a journey through France. Small independent producers, in accordance with French traditions, make each product zo Wijn zo Chic offers.

How are these exclusive wines and delicacies chosen?

By me, Virginie Schick, owner, French Certified Wine Specialist, and long-time Amsterdam resident.


Whether you would like to:

– learn more about wines and taste a carefully chosen selection of french wines

– make a treat for yourself or for a friend

– educate yourself and your palate to become a wine connoisseur

You are here at the right place!

Quality, authenticity and respect are the key words defining
the zo Wijn zo Chic concept.

.Would you like to know more about our wines and delicacies selection? Please contact us to receive our product list.

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